Made it to the woods

September 7, 2011 1 comment

Sunday, September 4, 2011

We arrived in camp at 0330 hours Saturday morning. My normal luck, we blew a tire 32 miles from home. After a 2 ½ hour wait, we were back on the road.

So it is, I am in the woods at last. The weekend was (and is) busy as a bee. We got the food plots planted, my trailer is hard wired and my daughter and son in law are having a ball riding the woods on the Recon. Saw turkeys this morning, in two different spots, so that’s a good thing. A few deer tracks, but no sightings and no hog sign. It is unbelievably dry up here now. The roads are dusty as all get out.

The folks in camp are generally very helpful, friendly and pleasant to be around. You have the one or two that rub you a little sideways, but that is to be expected. Overall, it is good. Anyway, they are leaving in the AM.

Monday, September 5, 2011

What a mess. Everyone left camp this morning early. Except my kids and a fella named Tim.

He had a radiator leak on his truck. Its Labor Day and we need a radiator for a 2004 F-350 diesel. The Ford stealership was closed, but believe it or not, the somewhat local Advance Auto Parts had a new radiator. He was out of here by 1330 hours. Only cost him $400.00 plus a gallon of prestone + transmission fluid.  The kids left at about the same time.

PEACEFUL, thank God. They are all gone. It is raining slowly, big drops, starting at 1600 and still going at 1900. Perfect for the food plots. Saw a doe a little while ago while cruising around.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My internet access is terribly slow to nonexistent at times. I will have to pick a time with a signal to post.

Yesterday morning, I caught a couple hand sized bluegills at the beaver pond. Had them for brunch with 2 eggs and a piece of cornbread. Very nice.

This morning, it was 60 degrees and felt great. It’s supposed to be cool for the next couple days, before it warms back up.  I made a tiny little fire and drank coffee sitting by it. I don’t want breakfast this morning.

Since the rain, I am seeing a lot of deer and a few hog tracks. The fresh tilled dirt on the food plots are being visited quite often.  Finally saw a covey of quail yesterday. I still have not figured out why there are no squirrels about. I have not seen one since I have been up here. The oak trees have some acorns, but not a bumper crop. It has been too dry all summer.

I know that it’s only been a couple days, but I am thoroughly enjoying the solitude. Most of the day, the only sounds that I can hear are the crows. This morning at daylight, I heard a truck somewhere deploying his Jake brake. Had to be a logging truck, I’m guessing.

I haven’t left camp yet today, but will take a ride shortly.

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Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm

August 27, 2011 3 comments

Saturday, August 27, 2011

If you read my last post, you know the move has been postponed. Well, Thursday morning at approx.. 0330 hrs. the old ticker had to show its ass. Severe left chest pain and a left arm going numb convinced me to pay a visit to the local emergency room. So it happened. My first heart attack. It seems my body decided to pay me back for the way I have treated it for the last 60 years. Long story short, I was catherized and a stent was installed in the lower part of my heart. For now, I will bypass all the related drama.

So this is the price you pay for smoking, drinking, eating fried foods and biscuits and gravy all your life. I did, however, as I have heard recommended, chew up 2 aspirin when I decided it was serious. The cardiologist said I was my own best friend for doing that. Later, he told me not to use “baby” aspirin or anything else, just plain old 325 mg. aspirin once every day for the rest of my life.

I did say long story short, so bottom line is I am home, got tons of meds and I think I am doing well. One more thing, it is surprising what can go through your mind when you hear a cardiologist say those words. Maybe more on that in a later post.

So, assuming no more personal or weather related SHTFs, Friday will be the day. It cannot get here soon enough. (I have said that several times lately).

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Latest update

August 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well, with the threat of Hurricane Irene, my daughters sickness and my SILs hand surgery coming up Friday, the bug out has been postponed to next Friday, September 2, 2011.

I have been readying the trailer and I think I am prepared as well as can be expected. Lots of folks will be there next weekend. This will be a “work weekend”, meaning we will be planting everyone else’s food plots for the deer season as well as setting up my camp. My plot will be planted per the above mentioned almanac, if I can find some seed. Tried to buy some purple top turnip seed locally today and it is not available, at least for 3-4 weeks. Hopefully, when I get to the location, I can find it.

I am discovering how little “stuff” I really need to get by and live well. I have always had a ton of junk, clothes, kitchen gadgets, tools, etc., etc. I needed tool sheds, garages, and whatever. I do not need that much stuff and I recommend you look at your situation and determine what you really need. It is surprising how much you can downsize without affecting quality of life. Most of it is just a waste. I wish I had figured this out 25 years ago.

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Ready to go

August 14, 2011 2 comments

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I haven’t posted for a while simply because I did not have a lot to say.  We have been lobstering every night and have done well. The SIL and company are very, very good at this game and I have been impressed. (And it is not easy to impress me). Pictures would not be that great because once you have seen one lobster, well….you know.  I got my nonresident big game state hunting license via the internet. I did purchase another rifle for deer or hog or any large game hunting. I guess there are a few bears in the area. It is a 300 win mag. I have always been partial to the 30.06, but this is close enough and the rifle is absolutely one of a kind. Custom made. Got a good deal from a friend, or else I could not afford it. I guess he wants to support me in my new vision quest. I will post a pic when I pick it up. If I intend to live in the woods, I want to be prepared. Armament will not be an issue.  I am still counting the days before I go to the camp. The first weekend will be busy, with planting food plots, etc. Mine will not be planted that weekend, however, because the Farmer’s Almanac,   advises against planting above ground crops until the next week, which is when I will plant my plot. The purple tops come later, as per their recommendation and the knowledge of the locals, who are very friendly and willing to talk their heads off over a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit and a cup of coffee.  The camp will empty on Labor Day, so everyone can get back to work, so that will be when I consider myself at home.  Still restless and impatient, eager to get set up and start this new phase of my life.

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Decent night

August 6, 2011 2 comments

21 lobster total. Ribbonfish, grouper and hogfish. Smaller snapper were caught, but did not make it into the pics. The one picture brings the movie, “Dueling Banjos”, to mind.

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Last nights take

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August 5, 2011 5 comments

Friday, August 5, 2011

I actually have moved into the trailer now. I still plan on some changes. Small issues, but this is my home now. Want to get used to the small atmosphere. I have been sleeping and staying in it for about 4 days. I don’t cook in here, do not and will not need to, in the near future. Most of the cooking is on a grill. No claustrophobia or anything like that.  It is small, though. I think that I will be just fine. Sleeps fine, with a double bed sized mattress. Queen is too big for the bedroom. The air conditioner will run you out until you learn where to set it.

Regular sportsman’s lobster season opens at midnight here in Florida. I guess I will be the captain of the boat with the son in law and company tonight. 6 bug limit during regular season. TS Emily got beat up by the Haitians, so the weather looks incredibly good for tonight. Hope to fill the freezer before the end of the month.  A couple of those would taste good in the woods over a campfire. All depends on water clarity and of course, the lobsters being there.  I am still antsy as hell. I want to get started on my new vision quest. The last one sure as hell sucked.

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